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27.03 → 26.09.2021


Bye Bye His–Story, chapter 5050

History is generally defined with the apparition of writing; this valuable instrument allowing to create and transfer culture. However, writing also implies the beginning of a logic of separations and boundaries: its origin goes along in the first place with the need to record the heritage transmission of a patriarchal agrarian society. From this perspective, writing thus seems closely related to the concept of property.

Together with property, writing, as the first instrument to objectify nature, living beings and genders, was at the root of what would – throughout history – lead to conflicts and confrontations between cultures, mythologies, religions and ideologies.

The tensions in our contemporary world and its many crises (related to climate, ideologies, energy, culture and migration) urge us to adopt an open attitude, to dispel prejudices, to reconnect and build bridges between individuals, genders, cultures and nations to share knowledge, mental and cultural approaches as well as scientific disciplines, in order to find solutions together.

Far from being a literal illustration of these concepts, this exhibition brings together the artworks of nearly 60 artists. With a touch of humour and the necessary aesthetic distance, you are being invited to surprising confrontations between artworks dealing with (and questioning) various issues such as our relationship to the economy and the dogma of growth, gender relations and diversity, our relationship to nature and technology.