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Stone, Paper, Litho

10 Years of Art Editions and Prints at Atelier Bruno Robbe

« To me my studio is a laboratory, a place for experimentation, for try-outs, where I can explore new methods . » Bruno Robbe – 2010

Bruno Robbe‘s grandfather, Arthur Robbe, left him a lithography studio in Frameries, a small town in the province of Hainaut. Arthur Robbe, a famous printer of artworks, opened the studio in 1950 and worked with numerous artists in many different styles (Lismonde, Gabriel Belgeonne, Antonio Segui, …).  In 1995 Bruno decided to take over the studio and started his career in the printing business.  In order to indicate the new direction he wanted to take, he founded the Editions Bruno Robbe in 1999.

The  production consists mainly of limited editions of original prints and artists books (book-object, portfolio, …).  The studio offers a variety of technical assets, linking traditional techniques with new technologies, enabling the treatment of digital images (photo-litho, …). Bruno Robbe also combines lithography with other media such as video or sound. Music takes up an important place in his world, his projects are not exclusively  initiated by visual artists.


Exchange between  the artists and himself as printer is of utmost importance to Robbe and he insists on learning about their working methods. He invites them to experiment with engraving techniques, to draw on the stones, to scrape in fresh ink ,  …  ‘The aim is to broaden the working method of the artist by learning him a technique that he was only vaguely familiar with, or even not at all’.
Robbe masters the technique completely, but he dares to examine it and shift its limits.
His projects do not follow a rigid pattern, each edition is the result of a specific reflection, a dialogue between artist and  artisan, leaving room to make things he feels like making or where he sets his heart on.

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