Welcoming PRM

Adapted guided tours and workshops, guided tours in sign language...

The Centre, that wanted to welcome all types of public, has made sure that it would be able to better welcome persons with reduced mobility by means of the extension in 2011, with regard to the traffic as well as with regard to the access to the sanitary facilities.


Apart from this improved infrastructure, the educative department welcomes all types of groups and adapts the guided tours as well as the workshops accordingly. Hearing-impaired persons are welcomed in a special way: by means of a guide mastering sign language (reservation required).

In 2013, the 'ANLH' ('Association nationale pour le logement des personnes handicapées') [Belgian association for the housing of disabled persons] visited us. It has felicitated us for the way in which we are welcoming these persons. Everything's perfect!

In 2014, this same association mentioned the building in its guide 'Ca marche, ça roule'.