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The Art Shop has over 700 items on sale: posters, catalogues from exhibitions held at the museum, books specifically related to engraving techniques and engravers, literary works about crafts, and postcard reproductions of works in the collection. The Centre de la Gravure sells a large number of engravings, lithographs and silkscreen prints. 

The Art Shop can be visited at any time outside of exhibition times by appointment. 
Please call + 32 (0)64 27 87 27 or Contact Us

For a list of catalogues and engravings published by the Centre de la Gravure, click on (in French): 

Catalogues and prints (in French) : PDF at the bottom of the page

In accordance with the ICOM Code of Ethics, we do not provide any evaluation as to the market value of the works.
Thank you for your understanding.