Past exhibition


50 ans d’imprimerie

80 engravings of this major artist

The exhibition Pierre Alechinsky-50 ans d’imprimerie- looks at the major stages in the artist's work from 1948 to 2000. The 80 engravings displayed here offer a unique opportunity to admire the evolution and continual renewal of his inventive graphic art.

In Franck Bordas atelier © Ianna Andréadis 


As a writer himself, and a friend of other writers, Pierre Alechinsky often combines writing and drawing in his work, pursuing analogies between words and images in his creative universe. His training as a graphic artist, his interest in literature, and his aptitude for organising space take shape in his print collections, in which words are integrated into graphic art. He has worked on a large number of illustrations in association with writers such as Christian Dotremont, Louis Scutenaire, André Balthazar, Michel Butor, Jean Tardieu…

106 works

in the collection