Past exhibition


A printed track

Studio Franck Bordas, Paris

Franck Bordas et Tim Maguire, Falling Snow, impression pigmentaire, 2014

Franck Bordas is a printer and art editor. Since he has been living in Paris for more than 35 years already, he had the opportunity to work with many international artists. This exhibition provides an exceptional offer of graphics, art books, editions, experiments and collaborations with artists; from stone lithography to digital print. 

From Jean Dubuffet and his Exercices lithographiques to digi-prints by Mark di Suvero, the entire printed adventure of an atelier is being exposed on the walls of La Louvière’s Centre for Engravings.
Artists: Gilles Aillaud, Pierre Alechinsky, Philippe Baudelocque, Pierre Buraglio, Hervé Di Rosa, Jean Dubuffet, Keith Haring, Tim Maguire, Joan Mitchell, Moebius, Martin Parr, Antony Tàpies, …


26 works

in the collection