Past exhibition

David lynch

Circle of dreams

Prints and short-films

David Lynch travaillant sur une pierre lotho

His first experimental short films, at the edge of fine arts and animation, will come along with the prints. David Lynch is particularly known for his cinema.  It was this obsessive desire to see his paintings moving, which led him to make films. His first short films are conceived as moving paintings and launch his transition to cinema. David Lynch has maintained his interest in the fine arts and has produced, in particular, drawings, photographs and paintings. For him, the important thing was to find the appropriate mood and medium each time to convey the ideas that came to his mind. In 2007, David Lynch discovered lithography in a Parisian atelier, Idem.  His first lithographs were made from abstract drawings on post-it and became the Paris Suite. Since then he goes back every year to produce lithographs or woodcuts, in this atelier where Picasso, Matisse or Giacometti used to work.
Exhibition produced in collaboration with ITEM EDITIONS, Paris.

‘There is a small story in my head for each lithograph.’  David Lynch

12 works

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