Past exhibition

Cries and Whispers (Cris et chuchotements)

23 women artists exhibit a wide range of disciplines.

Î © Kiki Smith, selfportrait, 1996 - photo, ©artist (catalog cover)

Cries & Whispers marks the 20th anniversary of Le Centre de la Gravure and explores the themes of feminine identity, intimacy and fantasy. A large number of the exhibits are produced especially for the occasion. The title of the exhibition comes from the film “Viskningar och Rop” by Ingmar Bergman. It symbolises the three main thematic axes: revelation and restraint, anger and tenderness, screams and murmurs.

Wishing to interact fully with the subject, the entire female team working at the museum has  participated in writing the presentations for each artist. Thus all the people involved in this exhibition : writers, graphic and lay-out designers, curator and artists are women. 

Want to know more ?
Preview on Friday 19th September at 19h30. The evening will be enlivened by a female brass band of 5: the “Tarabiskos” !

The exhibition is sponsored by the RTBF, “La Première” radio and “la deux” television.

70 works

in the collection