Past exhibition
in VANDENHOVE, Centrum voor architectuur en kunst – Universiteit Ghent

Loan of works from the collection


Photography, Film and Prints

The Centre de la Gravure lends 6 works by Pierre Alechinsky and Christian Dotremont for the exhibition COPYRIGHT COBRA (Cobra and the use of photography, film and printmaking) to  VANDENHOVE, Centrum voor architectuur en kunst – Universiteit Gent  (Department of Architecture, Urban Planning, Art, Music and Theatre Sciences in Ghent)

In 1949, Ateliers du Marais was founded in Brussels. In this collective workshop, artists and theorists such as Christian Dotremont, Pierre Alechinsky, Serge Vandercam, Raoul Ubac, Jean Raine and Luc de Heusch gave birth to the Cobra movement.

Opening: November 28th at 7pm