Past exhibition


overpr!nt - The apartment

Discovery of the expo on 2/9 from 14h to 18h in LABOVERPR! NT space

The apartment is empty, its occupant just out to extinguish his frustration with a walk in the park, just down: for sure, they had seen his message, even Messenger had confirmed him; it is certain, they denied it to stifle his word. Yet all the documents are ready on his desk, his thought is clear, pinned on the walls. For years as the pieces accumulate and answer each other in the apartment at once a sanctuary and an archive filing cabinet, the evidence of their hostility is there and serves as a pillow. If only someone could understand it, he could sleep, just an hour.

Founded in September 2017, Pathfinders is a curatorial collective dedicated to disseminating, promoting and producing contemporary art exhibitions. Artists and curators at the same time, our desire is to share a living and accessible art. Because art is at the crossroads of personal and collective experiences, we want to highlight the diversity of creation, without dividing disciplines. Impudent, we offer exhibitions that take into account the intelligence and the imagination of each and every one. Quite simply, we build exhibitions that warm the soul. 

The artists / curators of the "Pathfinders" collective: Camille Boisaubert, Julia Lebrao Sendra, Camille LeherpeurJuliette Mérie and Julie Kern Donck..

The artists on display: Monira Al-Qadiri, Enne Boi, Clement Hébert, Ida Michel, David O'Reilly, the Repro du Leman Collective, Mark Titchner and Zane Zlamesa.

Artists from the Center's Collection exhibited: Jean Michel Alberola, Kiki Smith, Christian Carez, Luc Tuymanns, Kikie Crêvecoeur, Chris Delville, Dacos, Assadour and Wim Delvoye.