Past exhibition


IN THE CONTEXT OF THE BIENNIAL "Watch this space" de 50° Nord

Water/Sun: a slight heresy of the elements

Through her career path that has led her from geology to the printed image, Anne-Émilie Philippe has always possessed an interest in science and experimenting.

Under the moniker Water/Sun: a slight heresy of the elements, this exhibition brings together her works produced during the summer of 2017 during a residency at the Centre for Engraving and is part of the biennial exhibition Watch This Space (for its 9e edition), an event that puts the spotlight on young creativity.

The artist uses the elements, which become her subjects or which alternatively are distorted to obtain specific effects. In the series Impressions of the sky, the acidity of the paper has been degraded by the sun’s rays. The sentences written by the artist leave the spectator free to compose their own mental image. The sun is once again at work in Horizon orange (posters of which are visible in the window of No. 9 on the street). Because red is the colour most sensitive to decolouration, the composite image will slowly change into a landscape.

Process of blues (whose title is linked to a type of blue ink) is made up of superimposing vast swathes of blues which become grey or vice versa, representing the infinite seascape of the oceans. Water again appears through the monotypes placed in display cases, an extemporaneous reflection left by the printing process.

Lastly, another element is introduced: light. It is used to reveal the series named Echoes, made up of phosphorescent images, aerial views of landscapes, which require darkness to be discerned.