Past exhibition

Œillades # 1

Potential visual evocations

Potential visual evocations is a travelling exhibition printed on a 2,80 x 5 meters curtain.
Claude Closky, Lucas Henao Serna, Seulgi Lee, Marylène Negro, Yonatan Vinitskty have been invited to produce a specific work on this medium and to participate in a project which enables works of art to exist and to be presented outside conventional art spaces.
This alternative exhibition format, can easily be moved and shown in a number of places with an economy of means.
This project is a non profit, the curtain was produced in a single off-sale display copy.
This exhibition project is challenging, it questions the access to art, the production of art works and its impact on the public. Potential visual evocations could for example be hanged on a window of a hotel or apartment room, the curtain facing the street to be seen by the passers-by. It might take place in an exhibition space, or in a shop window and why not in the departure hall of a railway station.