Past exhibition


25 years of the Engraving Award

Started in 1989 to encourage young artists from the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the Prix de la Gravure (Engraving award) celebrates its 25th edition. For this anniversary, the museum invited all the laureates for a collective and festive exhibition with 26 new projects, diverse, in the form of prints, etchings, installations or paintings.

The artists : Thomas Amerlynck, Marie-France Bonmariage, Kevin Britte, Sylvain Bureau, Sylvie Canonne, Claude Celli, Kikie Crêvecoeur, Philippe De Kemmeter, Eric Delayen, Chris Delville, Isabelle Happart, Bruno Hellenbosch, Michel Kotschoubey, Lukasz Kurzatkowski, Frederik Langhendries, Anne Leloup, Laurence Léonard, Thierry Lenoir, Lionel Lesire, Annabelle Milon, Muriel Moreau, Isabelle Pauly & Christèle Simonard, Frédéric Penelle, Anne-Françoise Quoitin, Jean-Pierre Scouflaire

25th edition of the Engraving Award

That exhibition shows the artworks by young artists selected for that annual prize. The prize rewards the work of an artist from the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, using traditional printmaking techniques or digital techniques. This annual prize (2500 €) is awarded the 23th of September 2016.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels – Fine arts service