Past exhibition

Pierre Alechinsky.

Les palimpsestes


Pierre Alechinsky, le 2 juin 2017 devant "Passerelle"

This exhibition of almost 300 artworks - paintings, drawings, prints, books - will highlight an unusual aspect of the work of this passionate printing art amateur.

For more than 60 years, Pierre Alechinsky (born in Brussels in 1927) has been collecting all kinds of documents with a very diverse history. This artist, skimming flea markets and archive funds, is diverting old hand-written letters, commercial letters with headings, invoices, old geographic maps and city maps from their original use, in order to integrate them - with extraordinary freedom - in his own creations.

By making prints of sewage covers (the so-called 'manholes') in the streets of Arles, Brussels, Liège, New York, Beijing, Rome and Salzburg, he has also given new life to very modest pieces of urban furniture.

In 2000, the Centre for engravings presented 'Pierre Alechinsky. 50 ans d’imprimerie'. Today, on the eve of his 90th birthday, we have asked him to highlight his palimpsests in La Louvière.

The catalog published on the occasion of this exhibition contains an inventory widely annotated by the artist with all the types of palimpsests he has been experiencing since the end of the 40s. An unusual text written by Yves Peyré highlights this very particular approach.