Past exhibition


from engravings to books

Tandem, active in the engraving as well as in the editing industry, is the result of the tireless work of an association. Since 1974, Tandem has been editing, spreading and exhibiting books and prints, uniting some prestigious contemporary artists: Bogdan Borcic, Pierre Caille, Antonio Segui, Jo Delahaut, Lismonde, Cees Andriessen... It joined the texts and images of Caroline Lamarche, Kikie Crèvecoeur, Gaspard Hons, Léon Wuidar, Clayton Eshleman, Takesada Matsutani...  

It gave hundreds of youngsters the opportunity to participate in the collection 'Histoire(s) en images'. It allowed artists from all disciplines to express their conception as well as their way of working and of experiencing their art amongst the 85 titles of the collection 'Conversation avec... ': Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Pierre Soulages, Jan Fabre, Tomi Ungerer, Lucien Kroll.