Past exhibition

De Picasso à Jasper Johns

Aldo Crommelynck’s atelier

This exhibition retraces the story of an unusual atelier; the atelier of Aldo Crommelynck (1931-2008). After having been initiated into the engraving art by master-printer Roger Lacourière, he opened in 1956 an atelier in Montparnasse, joined by Tal Coat, Juan Miro, Le Corbusier, Alberto Giacometti and Georges Braque. His younger brother Piero also joined him. In 1963, the Crommelynck brothers created an atelier in Mougins, near Picasso’s house; from then onwards, they have been working almost exclusively with him. Because they were entirely available, Picasso could develop a true obsession for graphic art.

opening on 5th June on 7 am


This atelier started to be more and more visited by foreign (mainly English and American) artists, attracted by the reputation of Picasso’s printer, among them, David Hockney, Peter Blake, Jim Dine and Jasper Johns. The Italian Transavant-garde artists Cucchi and Clemente, the GermanPenck and the Swiss Martin also joined this atelier. In 1986, Aldo Crommelynck opened a second atelier in New York, facilitating new collaborations with Chuck Close, Robert Morris, Red Grooms, Ed Ruscha and Dan Flavin.

This exhibition is organized around Picasso as an etcher and the tributes to him by several artists who started to work with Crommelynck: David Hockney, Richard Hamilton and George Condo.This exhibition also highlights the printer’s American collaborations, offering an exceptional opportunity to discover some hundreds of etchings rarely shown.

Exhibition organized in partnership with BnF, Paris


Artists :

Pierre ALECHINSKY, Avigdor ARIKHA , Jennifer BARTLETT, Jean-Michel BASQUIAT, Peter BLAKE, James BROWN, Francesco CLEMENTE, Chuck CLOSE, George CONDO, Enzo CUCCHI, Jim DINE, Martin DISLER, Dan FLAVIN, Gunther FORG, Red GROOMS, Richard HAMILTON, David HOCKNEY, Jasper JOHNS, Alex KATZ, KITAJ, Yuri KUPER, Christine LJUBANOVIC, Robert MORRIS, Claes OLDENBURG, A.R. PENCK, Jean-Pierre PINCEMIN, Pablo PICASSO, François ROUAN, Edward RUSCHA, David SALLE, Joel SHAPIRO, Donald SULTAN, Johan TAHON, Terry WINTERS